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Samedi wa Makambo.

We, the people of the Coast Region wish to join hands with the rest of
Kenya to embrace the Building Bridges Initiative as put forward by H.E President
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and as proposed by the
Taskforce on the Building Bridges Initiative.
Cognisant of the fact that the Initiative is both necessary and timely coming
at a time when there is need to heal rifts among the leadership and peoples of
this country following the bruising elections of 2017.

Recognizing that divisive elections have continued to wreck the fabric of this
nation every five years thus threatening peace and livelihoods and also destroys
livelihoods impacting negatively on the economy.
Acknowledging that negative ethnicity and unbridled competition among our
political leaders has entrenched a culture of tribalism, crony-ism, favouritism
and nepotism in the management of our public affairs giving rise to corruption.
Appreciating that various measures have been undertaken at the national
level to address these ills including the Report of the Eminent Persons on the
2007 Post Election Violence and subsequently through enactment of the
Constitution of Kenya 2010.

We the people of the Coast Region having met on 24th January, 2020 to
deliberate on the BBI report do hereby make the following recommendations:

Government should comprehensively address matters of land ownership,
titling, transfer, management, acquisition, and productivity to ensure proper
utilization through policies and programs by taking the following measures:
a) Government to buy land from absentee landlords and resettle the
affected coastal communities. In the alternative the constitution of
Kenya be amended to introduce a clause that will revoke all grants
held by absentee landlords.
b) National Government should pass a National Policy on Historical Land
Injustices through which a substantive stand-alone law on how to
address Historical Land Injustices will be enacted.
c) The Government to undertake full implementation of the TJRC and
Ndung’u Commission Report
d) Government to undertake a Rapid Result Initiative program of Titling
all untitled land in favour of the Coastal people to avert further land
e) Expired leases not to be renewed unless with approval from the
County Governments.
f) Establishment of a Regional Land Authority under the Constitution.
The Authority to have quasi Judicial powers to enable it to review land
grants and hear claims of adverse possession of land.
g) Pending implementation of the above recommendations, all eviction
orders to be suspended.

  1. Noting the economic crisis leading to severe unemployment in the coastal
    region, triggered by major economic policy changes brought about by the
    SGR that has impacted negatively on the economy, it is our recommendation
    that all operations of ports should be undertaken at the Ports facilities. This
    will help revive the transport and logistics sector in general and save many
    employment opportunities that have been so far lost.
  2. The National Government should provide an Economic Stimulus Fund for the
    key growth sectors (Blue economy, tourism, cottage industries, agribusiness,
    transport and logistics, ports and value addition) to create employment,
    growth, social well-being and equity in the coastal region.
  3. The National Government should support the revival of defunct industries in
    the coastal region more particularly industries related to cotton, coconuts,
    cashewnuts, rice, bixa, simsim and sugar. In this regard, these crops must
    be classified and acknowledged as cash crops under the law.
  4. Creation of an independent Social and Economic Impact Assessment
    Commission whose mandate is to establish the impact of national projects
    on the local community and ensure such findings are made public.
  5. Creation of a Blue Economy Ministry at the National level with:
    a) Cabinet Secretary from the Coastal Region and;
    b) Devolved structures and functions with dedicated program to develop the
    enabling infrastructure for growth in the blue economy sector.
  6. Ensure equitable inclusion and representation of the coastal people in top
    government positions in leadership and management of public institutions
    and resources.
    . Ensure exploitation of natural resources to benefit the locals through a
    defined revenue sharing structure. These include the ports, minerals,
    national parks, ferries, among others.
  7. To ensure equity in education, infrastructure development for schools (both
    primary and secondary) should be devolved to the Counties.
  8. Strengthen County and community participation in the security of the
    Coast Region, especially against attacks, terror threats and violent
    extremism by creating Regional Police Authorities.
  9. The National Government to support County Government in developing
    special programs for tourism revival in the region and also establish Regional
    Tourism Board to support programs and product development and
    destination marketing of the Kenya Coast Circuits.
  10. As a people we support His Excellency the President’s initiative on fighting
    corruption. We demand that those who are found culpable of benefiting from
    ill-gotten wealth must be made to account and face the full force of the of
    the law.
  11. Establish a federal system of government where there will be Regional
    Governments while retaining the County Governments. Funding allocated for
    these Regional and County Governments should take up 70% of the National
    Government Revenue.
  12. To ensure that all regions sit on the highest decision making table, we
    propose expansion of the executive by providing for the President, Deputy
    President, a Prime Minister, and two (2) Deputies. These positions added,
    to the two Speakers in the Senate and the National Assembly, Chief Justice
    and the Attorney General make up nine (9) top positions in the country. It
    is a recommendation that these nine (9) top positions are shared equally
    among the regions.
  13. Creation of an Upper Coast Region (Kilifi, Lamu and Tana River Counties)
    and Lower Coast Region (Taita Taveta, Mombasa, Kwale Counties).
  14. On the 8
    th of October 1963 a life changing event took place that changed
    the destiny of the Coastal strip and its citizens. This is the day that the
    coastal strip became part and parcel of the territory known as Kenya.
    Therefore, we propose that this historical day be recognized under the Constitution.


H.E Salim Mvurya
Governor, Kwale County & Chair Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani


H.E Maj (Rtd) Dhadho Godhana,
Governor, Tana River County


H.E Fahim Twaha
Governor, Lamu County


H.E Granton Samboja
Governor, Taita Taveta County


H.E Hassan Joho, EGH
Governor, Mombasa County


H.E Amason J. Kingi, EGH
Governor, Kilifi County

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