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By Peggie Nyokoyo

Arise and shine the Kenyan girls for your time is here. Our destiny is now brighter as we move closer to bridging the gender gap. Years, Decades, Centuries and millennium has come and gone but in these, we’ve been pushed to the back seat. The boys have had all the undue advantage over us, but through the struggles we have tried to overcome. They schooled, we schooled, the commanded vessels at sea, we became captains, the went to medical school, we became doctors, they took aviation courses, we became pilots, they went to court, we were the jury. In short what a boy can do, a girl can do best!

A fortnight ago headlines were splashed with news that one of Kenya’s leading Media Guru, a Mr Sam Shollei had divorced his wife of 26 years. And if that was not all, three days later he went ahead and remarried another lady, much younger that his estranged wife, the Uasin Gishu Women Representative, Glady Boss Shollei.

Sam and Gladys Shollei before the divorce

To many, the divorce would have had a negative repercussion to Gladys and the remarriage would have even made things worse, this would either lead her to depression or even death. But alas, Gladys emerged even stronger, She didn’t let the events break her but rather recollected the pieces and made a better Gladys, a master piece that shook the Continent of Africa.

Contemporarily, she would be seen as the cause of the divorce, the bad-ass girl, friends would start shaking off her circles, newspapers, blogs, tv and radio programs used her a negative case of poor wife materials in our homes. This is what the girls in our generation in Africa today face. Men will always say, I cant remarry a divorced woman or a single mother. I only marry fresh girls, that’s their tag line.

For Gladys, that didn’t ring in her mind. Her first strategy was to appreciate the years years she spent with Sam. She did this perfectly well through poetic piece. Here is the poem.

“My husband Sam, I signed the divorce papers finally, though my heart had refused when I thought of the good moments and the good old days. I was not with you for a day nor a month, I have been with you for years numbering 26. I remember those days, barefoot together we had scaled the hills of Marakwet, we had huddled together in the valleys of Chepkorio and danced to the rhythmic chimes of the cowbells as the cows graze and goats foraged the juicy shrubs.

I had chimerical feelings of my husband to be, a fantasy of sorts, A brave warrior from my people, my Sam was indeed a real man who had scaled the sprouting hills of Marakwet with agility and strength; my Sam was a real man whose strength had managed the typical Kalenjin shy girl to bloom. I was in love; I had felt his strength when his face was smooth with tiny strands of hair scattered like black dots around the chin.

We were young graduates then; we were proud the be among the lucky intellectuals among our people. I was good in my field of law while Sam was equally very competent in his field.

Traditional Koito was finally convened by the elders. Everything was set and I was given out to my man to start a new family journey with high hopes of a happy ending.We started from scratch, we moulded a home and raised up beautiful children.All was well all the years. Our children went to school, my Sam had a well paying job in the Standard Group.

I was well paid too in the Judiciary before I went to politics, My lifestyle did not change with politics, I was the wife of my Sam, I did not change my hair wig, I still wore the same long dress, I still went home on time.

My Sam had drifted away. He used to call that his work was cumbersome, that he will spend the nights out.I thought it was true. My intellectual mind finally joined the pieces: My Sam had fallen to the charm of his employee almost the age of my children. My Sam was snatched away just like that. My 26 years of marital bliss finally took in the fatal blow of infidelity.

Sam Shollei wedding and his new wife Faith Rono

I will not say much about my rival. I will nurse my wounds bravely and think of the good old times when my man was a real man. I pity my rival, I know the hour clock is short and weary as it drifts towards the sunset. I know the flow in the river may not be powerful to drive the watermill. I’m not worried I had my time by the river when the watermill grinded the maize flour non stop till my sacks were full. I’m happy and contented, my store is full and my children are happy.

I wish my husband a new marital bliss, Gladys is waiting to cuddle her grandchildren. I hope all shall be well with the man who had snatched my youth away.

Just as the Bible teaches in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ; Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Gladys took it easy and set herself for strategy number two. Since Sam decided not to be lonely after the divorce and decided to look elsewhere for a partner who would take Gladys’ position, she too took a bold step and filled the gap left by Sam.

Sam took a younger local girl to his crib, Glady’s decided to import an even older Mzungu from Europe to have a change in diet and taste the white meat which doctors say is better for health. These two acts though simple to the eye, are the greatest keys to opening the chains that has bound the girls of Africa to draconian traditional cultures and beliefs. We are supposed to cause hell to our divorcee’s new catch, we are supposed to publicize the unknown negative sides of our former husbands, we are supposed to be tanga tanga after our divorce with everyone calling us all sorts of unprintable names.

Hail Gladys Shollei, Hail the girl of Uasan Gishu you have set us free, you have opened a new page to our existence in our society. Those of us who got kids while under aged, aka young mothers are have now found space to breath, those of us who got kids out of wedlock have a reason to smile and those of us who were divorced or pushed away from our marital comforts now have an opportunity to extend our bliss in welcomed quarters. Hail Boss lady!

You have set the Precedent not just to us Madam Boss lady but to our daughters and our daughters daughters. No more crying and mourning for a man. If a man decides to stay, we live happily, and he diced to go wacha aaende kabisa, we do replacement in the shortest time possible. YOLO shall be our guiding principle, no time to waste of joke around.

Madam President, its less than a fortnight to this year’s Men’s Conference and a lot is in store for the boys to share, the Agenda will be set at an angle against us. Madam we the girls of Kenya look upon you to counter their over hyped convention. Even though your Kilifi Counterpart Getrude Mbeyu had organized for a Women Conference too in Malindi as means of countering the men’s. However I think we should stay on course and hold the bull by its horns. We are ready to back you to the men’s conference. This year, we too will sit with them in that conference, we shall deliberate alongside their points, we shall discuss on their issues and use their floor to agree to disagree.

Madam President keep the fire burning, keep soaring higher La’ Presidenta the chicas nothing should stop you, just know you have a army of over 20 million girls behind you! 2020 is the year for the girls to shine!!

God bless Kenya, God bless the Girls President, the BOSS LADY!!

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