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By Vannesa Muteshi

Questions have been asked across the Country as to why the President opted to pick Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to lead the BBI Coast chapter and leave his Mombasa Counterpart Ali Hassan Joho who will be the host and Tourism Minister Najib Balala the eldest of the current political leaders at the Coat and highest government official at the Coast.  

Uji moto found out the following;

1.       Laws

BBI is all about changing the Constitution and much of it will circumnavigate around laws. Unlike the Kisii and Kakamega Conventions, where speakers to the opportunity to settle scores, the Mombasa Convention will bring both sides of the divide together and thus the need to have an issue-based discussion guided by Laws. Kingi is an accomplished lawyer who once worked as the regional coordinator for the Yash Paal Ghai led Constitutional Review Commission of 2005. He is also currently serving his second term as Chairman of the Legal, Human rights and foreign affairs committee of the Council of Governors.

2.       Indigenous opinion

The Indigenous Communities which include the Mijikenda, Taita, Taveta and the Pokomo feel left out in successive government and the leaders see no need to join in the BBI. The recent outburst by Malindi Mp following the Cabinet reshuffle by president Kenyatta is a good example. She accused the president of leaving out the Mijikenda in his government and even asked the indigenous communities to boycott the BBI Process.  Kingi much respected and the communities and he is the best person to pursued them towards the BBI.

3.       Platform acumen

Such an event requires a lot of keenness and organization. Kingi is a very good orator and his wording planned to the audience with much care and calculation.

4.       Diplomacy

With the Tanga Tanga on board, the president and Prime Minister Raila Odinga are keen not to have class of the two divides as it was witnessed during the BBI Launch at the Bomas of Kenya. Kingi is very well known for his diplomatic approach on issues unlike his counterpart Joho who is combative.

5.       Mobilization

Majority of the delegates will be picked from the indigenous communities. Here it will be very easy for Kingi to mobilize as the region see him as son of the soil.  

6.       Religion

For a long time, the Christian at the Coast have felt subdued with their Muslim brothers. This has always been a big question not just during elections but in other government initiatives. Kingi therefore carries the message of the Christians. Kingi also resonates well with the Muslin brethren and has always been there for them. He has been the guest speaker in ever IDD Barazza annually. The Muslim thus see him as one of their own. With these two factures, Kingi is the person to dilute the religious tensions.

7.       Youth

In the previous two Conventions, the youth felt left out as none of their issues was raised. Being youthful, the youth believe their issues are safe with Kingi on the fore front.

8.       ODM Delivery

The Coast is believed to be ODM’s second hold after Nyanza. The party strength is one of the key avenues that is considered when mobilizing towards the Convention. It is only in Kingi’s Kilifi County that 100% seat cover was realized in the entire Nation, not even a single County in Nyanza Could match this score. It is therefore prudent for the president having consider this factor.

9.       Historical injustices

The region has for a very long time considered itself as the neglected lot. Historical injustices such as land alienation and perennial squatters, marginalization and slavery has always arisen and became subject of campaigns during election. Many splitter groups have advocated for the cessation of the region from Kenya, the most recent being the MRC “Pwani si Kenya”

10.   Coordination.

Unlike his counterpart, Kingi is revered for his mastery of ground coordination and planning. The BBI Convention is expected to bring every aspect of the Coast region on board, and you can bet no one will do it better than Amason Jeffah of Kilifi County.

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