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Samedi wa Makambo

26 years ago today, Kenya’s first Vice President and the doyen of opposition H.E Jaramogi Odinga Oginga breath his last and joined his fathers in the underworld. He’s contribution to the Nation shall forever be written in books of history and also stored in the memories of its citizens.

In commemorating the 26th Anniversary since his demise, his son the R.T Hon Raila A. Odinga posted a note on his Facebook page to celebrate the life of a legend. He wrote “On this day 26 years ago you took a journey from our beloved country never to return. But your patriotic and selfless actions remain engraved in the hearts of the men and women who knew you and in the collective memory of the nation you helped build. Your memory remains a permanent presence in your absence.”

As usual, Kenyans from across the divide reacted to his commemoration. Here is a sample from his followers.

Great historical memories still remain in our minds as fresh as Daisy. Personally I had not been born before Oginga died, but I see great grandfathers, fathers and brothers named Oginga and Odinga which makes me know that he truly was a great man! His names are only being given to energetic, strong ✊well built💪 baby boys who later turn to be masculine , and focussed . In a nutshell, Oginga was a man of the people from my little history knowledge , he did alot for this motherland as you Raila Odinga is doing. May our Lord keep his soul resting in peace! Be blessed baba,Be blessed fellow tribesmen, be blessed Kenyans!✊✊✊
Alumni Blogger
Brian Omollo

Rest well J.O.O
Tell mzee Kenyatta on the other side of the table that your sons have the interest of the nation at heart but a few gluttonous fellows are hovering around.
Thimothy Waswa

Continue resting in peace Jaramogi. We shall however never forget how you refused to take the mantle of leadership. Over 50 years down the line,we Luos are still watching the Presidency on VIU SASA and Jokong’eche aren’t leaving it anytime soon. We have moved from FORD KENYA,LDP, NDP, NARC, CORD, ODM & NASA to no avail. Jaramogi,we are now building the bridges, our last hope. If this fails too, we are done. RIP.
Martoz Luther

When we were kids in the 1990’s towards the clamour for multiparty state,the roars of the lions in our villages was symbolised with the braveness of Jaramogi. He was being celebrated as a real hero. Indeed his legacy will live with us for ages.
John Ketora, ODM Youth President

Jaramogi as we commemorate 26 years since your departure, Kenya is 2600 years back.. Your son has tried to champion what you fought for but unfortunately, his footsoldiers always retreat but this has never made him to give in.. He has always love Kenya to move forward as he sacrificed his Presidency for Prime Minister post and in 2013 and 2017 he has sacrificed his win to be a common mwananchi.. What you had planned you with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, for the love of Kenya, Uhuru and Raila did it in March 2018.. We still have a long way to go but only if we embrace democracy, constitution and rule of law.. Trully you have left an Engima , a father of democracy and a true servant Raila, , Rest in peace Baba Jaramogi..
Clinton Ishamael Shamz

I remember Children singing in 1992.. Just before the clashes, I was a young boy but the memory is fresh.. I don’t know why they were singing such a cursing song to Jaramogi.. But the song came to pass later.. The last words were “ichumukte Jaramogi” Governor E. Toto Koskey

Very unfortunate that the problem that we’ve been having in Kenya time in memorial was caused by you.wish ulimwaga chini cz Kenya would be peaceful but anyway continue resting in peace.
Symo wa Nyeri

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